Well, once again you outdid yourself with tonight’s menu! Initially, I thought the corn fritters would last two days… How wrong I was!! We have been home for exactly one hour and they’re all gone! The kids absolutely love you and I’m thinking the parents, slightly more!!! – Kylie Abbott


I had a soufflé and had to have another it was sooo delish! – Ali Mulvany


A brilliant idea for getting kids into cooking. My littlun is a very fussy eater and is getting really confident in trying new foods thanks to the things he’s been learning and cooking at the Foodjitsu classes. It also means that the cooking is sorted for that night. 🙂

– Nooney Laycock


She made the apple pie while we were away on our hols and the lemon tarts the other weekend at home. No fear; made her pastry. Proof your classes are a wonderful learning environment for the kids.

Thank you for your passion and dedication.

– Kym Collins

My daughter totally loves cooking now and wants to be a chef – all your doing!!

– Jo Stewart

Oh my goodness – I guess I don’t have to make dinner tonight! And my children who won’t eat sweet potato have been fighting over the chips!

– Michelle Lye

So impressed Tamsin, my son’s food is gorgeous and he was so proud of himself. Thank you!

– Fleur Robinson



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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”