We offer classes for children aged between 8-16 years.
Classes are scheduled for 2 hours from 4:15-6:15 pm and are broken into segments to ensure that children remain interested and focussed but still have enough time to learn, cook and clean up!
A term runs for 8 weeks, usually commencing in week 2 or 3 of the school term.
Classes are limited to 10 participants, in order to ensure there is adequate supervision for those children that require extra attention, while allowing those that can manage on their own, the creative space to explore and follow the procedures.
Classes are held either at Barrenjoey High School, Coonanga Road or at my home in Central Road, Avalon. It is not a requirement that children attend the High School to be eligible to attend classes.
  1. A safety requirement is that your child wears closed in shoes and has their hair tied back, if long.
  2. A plastic container to bring home what they have made/cooked.
  1. Educators are required to complete the “Working with Children” NSW check in accordance with the NSW Office of Communities – Office of the Children’s Guardian prior to commencement of employment.
  2. Educators are required to complete a First Aid Course which includes asthma and anaphylaxis treatment prior to commencement of employment. Epipens and asthma medication are to be provided by participants if required.
  3. Educators are required to complete a Food Hygiene and Safety Course prior to commencement of employment.
  4. Educators are not qualified chefs but are passionate about food and love sharing that passion with children.
  1. The emphasis will be on home-cooked meals from breakfasts through to evening meals. Specific themes may be advertised on our website and may include Italian, French, Spanish, British, Asian, seasonal themes and some desserts.  Themes change each term and are often determined by the interests of class participants.
  2. Children will bring home a weekly sample of their cooking and are encouraged to bring a plastic container each week.
Food intolerances, allergies and special dietary requirements may be catered for but we do request that you inform us at the time of booking and give at least 48 hours notice with regards to the specific issue so we can ensure that we cater adequately and most importantly, that your child is not put at risk.  We may request that an experienced parent or caregiver remain in the class if a child has a severe allergy, to ensure that the child is adequately cared for.
We have Public Liability Insurance up to $10,000,000.
Fees are due by the end of week 1 of the Foodjitsu term. Unless full payment is received, your child will not be able to attend classes.
If your child is unable to attend a class, they may be able to attend on an alternate class day if it is not full that week. We may be able to offer a make-up class on the alternate class day but cannot do so on any other day. We appreciate that children may become unwell during the day but preparation, advance payment of ingredients and hire costs of the kitchen (if held at the high school) still need to be made by Foodjitsu. Unfotunately, if your child cannot make the class and are unable to attend on an alternate class day, we are unable to offer a refund.
Yes, you may send another child in his/her place.
  Term fees are $400 based on an 8 week term @ $50 per class.
1. Choose a class day. 2. Go to "Forms" and Download, complete, sign and return the Registration Form and Policies, Terms & Conditions to: info@foodjitsu.com.au 3. You will be sent an invoice with methods of payment. Submit payment and once received your booking will be complete.
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment by the class. We request that a term be booked so that children may progress in their learning.

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”